Our Music Program

Historically, our denomination has been known as "those singing and shouting Methodists", Nowhere is this more proven than at Mount Nebo. For generations we have been known as a "singing church" and we gladly accept the label.

Choirs and Ensembles

The Mount Nebo Chancel Choir is the heart of our music ministry, leading the worship service in music and presenting anthems. This choir is non-auditioned and open to anyone high school-age and up. If interested, please contact John Crabtree, our Director of Music, about sharing your vocal gifts and talents. Join us in praise and worship through song! The Chancel Choir rehearses Twice a week on Sundays at 7:30pm and Wednesdays at 8pm.

Our Kid’s Chorus brings joy to our worship services many times throughout the year. Open to all kids through middle school-age, this enthusiastic group rehearses each Sunday prior to Sunday School. The congregation always delights in the songs the Kid’s Chorus offers in praise and we treasure that these kids will
continue our singing tradition into the future.

At various times we enjoy musical ensembles that bring the sacrifice of praise to our worship as well as the flute on some Sundays.

Providing music for worship is one of the most spiritually meaningful and rewarding forms of ministry here at Mount Nebo. Our programs at times weave together, creating a multi-faceted gem of discipleship and mission activity which touches hearts and lives, with or without lyrics.

We strive for quality in our programs to enhance individual and corporate worship, with the ultimate goal of leading people to Christ, through music. We direct, coach, and teach our choir members to expect to grow in musicality and vocal strength, realizing each individual’s unique music potential. Here at Mount Nebo, we believe wholeheartedly that, “All God’s children have a place in the choir!”

Realistically, we know that even though everyone may enjoy music, not everyone wants to sing in the choir. Therefore, we encourage all to sing heartily during congregational praise and worship.

We sing choir anthems each Sunday, with additional special seasonal programs throughout the year involving all ages. Mount Nebo is the face of great and varied music. Our repertoire ranges from classical Beethoven, Handel and Mendelssohn to the modern greats such as Pepper Choplin, Mark Hayes and Lloyd Larson; with some
Southern Gospel thrown in on occasion for fun. Come… see what all the excitement is about!


Pipe Organ

Mount Nebo Methodist Church is blessed to have the only Pipe Organ in Paulding County. Our Reuter Opus 1466 organ was built in 1964 as a recital organ for the William Carrey College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

About the year 2000, Organ Builders Homer White and Don Ethridge moved it to St. Francis Catholic Church in Cartersville, Georgia where it served as the principal instrument during Mass.

In 2011, it was moved once again to Mount Nebo by Organ Builder Don Ethridge where it continues to serve in worship and praise weekly.

This instrument is proudly listed in the databases of both the Atlanta Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and Historical Organ Society. The specifics and stoplist: 2 Manuals – 3 Divisions – 1 5 registers – 4 Ranks 61 -note Manuals – AGO Standard 32-note Pedalboard – Electro-pneumatic action


6′ K. Kawai GX3 Conservatory Grand in the Sanctuary
Baldwin Studio Grand in the Fellowship Hall
Roland RD300-GX keyboard in the Choir Loft